XceptionalLEARNING is a platform that helps rehab intervention providers with technology tools to be made use of in conventional practice. It helps the provider to create more therapy materials to engage clients of different disorders without limits. A provider gets access to 1,000+ digital content & can use the unique content authoring tool to create their own content with ease.
XceptionalLEARNING also conduct virtual sessions to help increase the frequency of intervention without absentees. The platform has an integrated secure video conferencing module that can be used to conduct tele-therapy. The provider can conduct digital assessment, create Individualized Education Plan (IEP) & set long-term and short-term goals and assign activities to clients & monitor the progress from the provider dashboard.
XceptionalLEARNING platform helps the seeker to do a pre-screening and find a provider who suit their needs.

Yes, the platform has a Rs. 6,000/- annual subscription fee for the provider and Rs 5000/- for the seeker. There are periodic campaigns that offer discounts or even free enrolment that can be availed within the mentioned timeperiod. You can check of ongoing promotions on the email care@xceptionallearning.com.

Yes, the seeker needs to pay the fee through the secure payment gateway to the provider for the service availed from the provider, which is decided as demanded by the provider including the number of sessions best to be planned. For more details contact: care@xceptionallearning.com.

VergeTAB is multi-function tablet that is prescribed & controlled by the rehab provider. This device is the digital bridge between the provider & the seeker. Post a conventional (face-to face) session, the provider can assign activities as the Home Training Program & monitor progress of the seeker in real time. This helps increase the frequency of interventions leading to betterment of the client.

It is not compulsory to buy the VergeTAB. However, please do refer to the advantages of VergeTAB in rehabilitation intervention at www.vergetab.com.

VergeTAB is controlled by the provider and the seeker will enjoy only the activities assigned by the provider. No other websites, you-tube or apps are accessible for the clients on VergeTAB unless the provider allows.

The XceptionalLEARNING registered provider can prescribe VergeTAB to their seeker and can invite them through the provider dashboard. The seeker can accept the invitation and register themselves to get connected with their provider. The seeker has to sign-in to their VergeTAB with the same credentials.

The DCP is conducted by subject matter experts to help trainees (providers) learn the usage of digital tools to deliver effective therapy with hybrid practice. The course has 20 theory modules & 10 training modules which can be completed in two modes - long term or short term. The short term is for 30 days & the long term is for 3 months. The long term is to accommodate practitioners who have limited time.

The Digital Certificate Program (DCP) cost Rs 3000/- and the platform subscription for practice cost Rs 6000/- for 12 months. Do get in touch at care@xceptionallearning.com for offers.

Yes, XceptionalLEARNING allows to upload a myriad of content formats supported on the platform. Providers can also create digital material on the platform using the unique Content Studio.

For every material created, the author is the owner of the material for self use or for the respective organization. If the author wishes to publish the material to the Global library, the material will carry the name of the author and the ownership will be transferred to XceptionalLEARNING with a remuneration to the author, depending on the content.

Yes, you can claim your refund by writing to care@xceptionallearning.com before the
sessions begin. Once you make the payment our professionals will email you the batch start
date & timings of the training program. But if you cancel your participation at least two
sessions after the start, you will get a 50% refund and no refund if the cancellation is made
after three sessions of the start of the batch.

XceptionalLEARNING fosters professional development and spread awareness on all aspects of developmental rehabilitation which accounts to 'Learning More'. Once you register on the platform, you can take clients from any part of the country & also increase the number of sessions per week in turn raising the chance for better and sooner effects of intervention which accounts to 'Serving More'. As you serve more, your potential for 'Earning More' through therapy sessions rises, which accounts to Earn More.

Different parts of the country have different benchmarks, so we do not prescribe any fee so you can fix the fee per session. However, the default and recommended fee per session is Rs 400/- and Rs 800/- per session of Assessment.

Yes, there is an applicable user fee. For details, please contact care@xceptionallearning.com.

Adding technology tools to conventional practice of face-to-face therapy and providing intervention services with home-based programs over a distance is what we term hybrid practice.

No, as the clients health records are part of the dashboard, logging in it by other persons will be violation of the terms and conditions of XceptionalLEARNING as per Indian law. Also, the provider needs to be wary that in case of any mishaps with the person logging in and your clients, it can lead to civil/criminal suit against the provider whos credentials were used.

XceptionalLEARNING subject matter experts help you learn the usage of digital tools to help in conventional practice, create and use digital therapy and learning materials and deliver services to clients remotely.

A seeker can register and enroll in two ways

1. Upon receiving invitation from their provider
2. Seekers can enroll by themselves on the platform by visiting www.xceptionallearning.com.

Yes. XceptionalLEARNING is created to facilitate the services of multi-disciplinary rehabilitation for seekers, like speech therapy, special education, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, etc.

Yes. Contact: care@xceptionallearning.com or call 0091-89212-87775

Visit www.vergetab.com or contact your therapy provider nearby

Yes. XceptionalLEARNING can support with finding and assigning a provider

Yes. Activities can be done offline as well. For more information, visit: www.vergetab.com.