Are you a Rehab Professional trainee?

Are you ready for the next-gen disruption in the Rehab ecosystem?

  • Welcome to a global opportunity to create and enhance your professional career!
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We are providing opportunities with technology to professional trainees (rehab students) to use in rehab practises and for future research in order to equip therapy trainees for hybrid therapy (a combination of conventional method and digital therapy).

You can publish your thesis, studies and conduct subject webinars to showcase your ideas and talent.

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We have the space for you to create your own portal where you can:

Be part of an organization to be supervised in your therapy.

  • Reduced effort & time in achieving practise hours under your college.
  • Learn live tele-therapy sessions under the supervisor of your institution (if the institute is enrolled on XceptionalLEARNING) OR our subject leader will be your supervisor.
  • Build your expertise attending to diverse cases under your supervisors

Attend the Digital Practise Training and explore the vistas of Digital practises.

  • We provide training program to outgoing batch trainees professional Digital practise for the modern world.
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Look at examples of 1000s of Digital Teaching Learning Material and create digital materials yourself.

  • You can sell us your Digital Therapy Content subject to approval!
  • Make use of the vast Content Library and upload and sort your Personal Library of Digital Materials for hassle-free clinical tele-practise.

You can convert your Trainee portal to Professional portal immediately upon your graduation for free.

  • Create your digital profile and reach clients as soon as you graduate.
  • Conduct & participate in webinars – keep yourself updated & in touch with your professional community.

Annual Rs 9000/-

You will enjoy
  • Practise Digital Therapy sessions under supervisors
  • Train to create Digital Content for therapy
  • Get your own individual platform upgradable to independent platform on graduation.
  • Publish your thesis as webinars globally, through the platform.
  • Attend Conferences online conveniently to update yourself.
  • Attend free webinars in the platform.
  • Upon graduation, upgrade your Trainee portal to your Digital Individual Therapist portal and create a Digital Profile.