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Hybrid Model of Intervention

A combination of conventional method and technology

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How It Works?

For Parents

Upon purchasing VergeTAB, create your platform account and provide the device serial number. Expect a call within 24-48 hours for account setup and therapist assignment. A pre-screening and assessment will be scheduled. Following assessment, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be shared. Our platform supports speech therapy and occupational therapy needs.

At this stage, purchase the service covering necessary therapists assigned by XL, virtual sessions, Home Training Programme, session reports, and dashboard access for monitoring your child’s progress. Our offerings extend to intensive therapy services and a behavioral therapy platform to cater to diverse needs effectively.

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therapy seeker
therapy seeker


therapy seeker
Secure and Individual Therapy Seeker and Provider Portals
therapy provider
Interactive Video Conferencing Platform for Assessments and Therapy Sessions
online therapy
Digital Teaching and Learning Material and Homework
Session Scheduling
Recording and Logging Features
Online therapy platform
Courses, Webinars, and Much More

Short term Rehab Plan

Rs 500/-

  • Free Screening and Pre-Assessment
  • Free Group Training sessions
  • 45 minutes therapy session at Rs 400/- *
  • Schedule sessions on your convenience
  • Free Verge-Connect App for easy communication and notifications
  • Receive Goal packages for practise in the absence of the therapist
  • Free 30-minute consultation once a month on demand
  • On-call IT Support
  • Much more – Contact Support for more Information

*Subject to therapist and case


Long term Rehab Plan

Rs 5000/-

  • Everything in the Quarterly plan extended to a whole year!
  • Periodic Assessments and Lesson plans
  • Request Reports
  • Avail services from multi-disciplinary fields of service
  • Free Webinars and Counselling Sessions periodically
  • Much more – Contact Support for more Information