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Digital Hybrid Therapy

A combination of conventional method and tele-therapy.

By using the opportunities with technology, you are saving critical time on transportation, benefiting from cost-effective therapy and will not miss any therapy sessions. Your Digitally trained rehab professional provides with digital materials for interactive therapy sessions, a payment gateway for quick and secure payments for therapy sessions, and XceptionalLEARNING becomes a bridge between the Therapy provider & the Seeker.

Focusing on you, with the best care

Online and Offline possibilities with the Online Portal and Therapy Seeker App.
Intense therapy leads to better outcomes - Find the therapist apt for your requirements.
Save Time, Save Energy, Save Costs.

Empowering Rehab Seekers:
Learn Better, Save Better, Live Better

  • Simple self-screening tool to help early detection of your child’s needs
  • A safe and simple platform for collaborative therapy sessions
  • Empower yourself with free webinars and guidance sessions on catering to therapeutic needs
  • Equip yourself to provide follow-up training and ongoing support after therapy
  • Therapists / Clinics listing
  • Any time counselling & support
  • Learner dashboard to track progress
  • Be assured of the quality of time spent on intervention
  • Assign a tele-facilitator for each session
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Intervention Areas


  • Learning Disabilities & Slow Learning
  • Intellectual challenges
  • Delayed Speech & Language
  • Developmental Delay
  • Misarticulation
  • Stuttering
  • Voice Pathology
  • Neuromotor disorders
  • Cognitive Troubles
  • Autism-related
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Life Skills



Short term Rehab Plan

Rs 500/-

  • Free Screening and Pre-Assessment
  • Free Group Training sessions
  • 45 minutes therapy session at Rs 400/- *
  • Schedule sessions on your convenience
  • Free Verge-Connect App for easy communication and notifications
  • Receive Goal packages for practise in the absence of the therapist
  • Free 30-minute consultation once a month on demand
  • On-call IT Support
  • Much more – Contact Support for more Information

*Subject to therapist and case


Long term Rehab Plan

Rs 5000/-

  • Everything in the Quarterly plan extended to a whole year!
  • Periodic Assessments and Lesson plans
  • Request Reports
  • Avail services from multi-disciplinary fields of service
  • Free Webinars and Counselling Sessions periodically
  • Much more – Contact Support for more Information