Dr Ranjith Rajeswaran


Professor, Senior Audiologist & SLP

Dr. Ranjith Rajeswaran is a highly accomplished and esteemed professional in the field of audiology and speech language pathology. With extensive experience and expertise, he serves as a Professor, Director, and Chief Audiologist at the prestigious Madras ENT Research Foundation and its Institute of Speech and Hearing in Chennai. As a founder and active member of various organizations, including the Cochlear Implant Group of India and HEARRING, he has made significant contributions to hearing implant research and development. He is a groundbreaker in introducing innovative techniques, performing pioneering procedures, and publishing numerous research papers. He is also deeply committed to community service, establishing rehabilitation centers and raising awareness about hearing restoration. Overall, his remarkable achievements and dedication have had a profound impact on the field and not only the lives of individuals with communication disorders, but also in rearing young professionals for the realm.

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